Overcoming Self-loathing and Anxiety, Practices for Cultivating Love

What are You Saying to Yourself Today?

The things you say to yourself can empower you to live more fully and beautifully, or they can wilt your spirit. You are the closest person to you, so what you say to yourself really matters. This is how our spirit feels when we say unkind things to ourselves. Here are two things you can… Continue reading What are You Saying to Yourself Today?

Overcoming Self-loathing and Anxiety

Loving Affirmations and Self-Love

This is a post about using loving affirmations to connect with our True Self or Higher Self. And this post is a part of a series on cultivating self-love. In my last post, I discussed the first way we can cultivate self-love, which is to think of ourselves as a little child.  Just like children… Continue reading Loving Affirmations and Self-Love

Self-Love and Self-Directed Kindness

Three Reasons Your Imperfections are Perfect

Imagine that a little eight-year-old girl, we will call her Hope, decides she wants to learn to ice skate. She has never set foot on an ice skating rink, and she doesn’t even know how to stand on the ice in her skates yet. But her parents have brought her brand new, beautiful ice skates,… Continue reading Three Reasons Your Imperfections are Perfect