Bullies and Self-Care

This post is about how to resist bullies and practice self-care in such situations. In order to understand how to do both of these things, let's first imagine how we protect our friends. Sticking Up for Our Friends Imagine a very dear friend that you love a great deal. Now imagine that someone is picking… Continue reading Bullies and Self-Care

Dealing with Low Self-Worth

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

This post explores how you can become your own best friends and gives you some practical suggestions for doing this. It is the third post in a series. In my last two posts, I discussed how to cultivate self-love by thinking of yourself as a child you love  and by speaking to yourself as you would a child… Continue reading Becoming Your Own Best Friend

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Adopting a Loving View of Ourselves

It is possible to adopt a loving view of ourselves. And it is one of the wisest things we can do. The process begins with some self-reflection. For example, consider these questions: How well do you like yourself? Which of the following statements best represents your relationship with yourself? I absolutely love myself. I’m okay,… Continue reading Adopting a Loving View of Ourselves

Self-Love and Self-Directed Kindness

How to Be Yourself

"Just be yourself." I often heard people give this advice when I was young, and it always confused me. Because I was in the midst of figuring out who I was, the advice, "Just be yourself" often seemed unhelpful. The situation was complicated by other people, some of whom seemed to disapprove strongly of who… Continue reading How to Be Yourself


Reflection Questions and Practices for Self-Love

This post contains some reflection questions and practices for self-love, which I have written about in earlier blog posts. You don't necessarily need to read my earlier blog posts to answer these questions or to do the practices, but if you would like to read them, here they are: Some Earlier Posts on Self-Love The… Continue reading Reflection Questions and Practices for Self-Love

Self-Love and Self-Directed Kindness

Respecting Ourselves: Treating Ourselves as People and Not Objects

Respecting ourselves is one of the best gifts we can give our mind and heart. This post explores how we can do that. First, a Story . . . When I was younger, I knew a girl who seemed to be a really sweet and friendly person. However, I soon discovered that the only time… Continue reading Respecting Ourselves: Treating Ourselves as People and Not Objects