Ten Things You Can Do When You Feel Bad About Your Body

The holidays can be a little rough for people who struggle with body anxiety and body shame and other various forms of body dysmorphia issues, so for that reason, I wanted to repost this old post.

11 thoughts on “Ten Things You Can Do When You Feel Bad About Your Body”

  1. Thank you for this!! Even at 9+ months pregnant, I am hard on myself for the way my body looks. I love all of the tenants but the one about treating my body with love and kindness was exactly what I needed to hear. Your work is so valuable!

    1. I am so excited for you in this wonderful time of your life, Friend. And I am so sorry you still struggle with these issues. I do, too, even though I am not pregnant. It is hard to learn to treat our body with love and kindness, and I am so glad this message was helpful to you.

      1. Thank you, Shelly! It is a struggle, yes, but one I consciously undertake so that my young daughter’s struggle will be less so. Now I will have a baby boy to raise and likely a whole new set of challenges to address within. I always wanted to be “done” or “fixed” before I ushered children through their first stages of life, but of course, that isn’t possible. I waited a long time partly for that reason (I’m 43) and still I grapple. ? Thank you for spreading such goodness.

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