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Tend Your Light

You have a beautiful light in you. It is filled with love, wisdom, and creativity. Everyone has this light, and the more we tend it the brigher it grows.

So, please, for your own sake and the sake of of everyone else, spend time every day tending this light. The more you do so, the brigher your light becomes and the more like you, you are. The world needs your light.

Here are some ways you can tend your light:

One: Sit silently for a minute or two.

When we sit in silence, it helps us to connect to the love, wisdom, and creativity in side us.

That is our original or true self, and that’s what our light is. (I call it the Wise Self). Being still and connecting to it is the first crucial step in helping our light shine brighter.

Two: Listen to beautiful and cathartic music.

Certain kinds of music helps us connect with love, wisdom, and creativity. Or it can help us release emotions that get in the way of our ability to connect with this beauty inside us.

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Three: Look at art that gives you peace.

Art can operate in the same way as music. It can help connect us to our intuiton, change our perspective, and help us process trauma that gets in the way of us connecting with our light.

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Four: Walk barefoot in the grass outside.

We often feel scattered, anxious, and disconnected from ourselves. All these emotions states can make it hard for us to connect with our Wise Self.

Walking barefoot outside is one way we can bring our awareness back to ourselves and to become more peaceful, connected, and grounded. You might like this post about walking barefoot outside.

Five: Go on a walk near trees.

Anytime we connect with the natural world, it has great potential to soothe our nerves, calm anxiety and stress, and remind us of all the beauty in the world.

This enhances our abilty to be calm and still and connect with our light. You might like this post about the benefits of being in nature.

Six: Play an instrument.

Playing an instrument brings you many of the same benefits of listening to music, and it also brings added benefits of exercising creativity.

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Seven: Offer a prayer to the Divine, even if you don’t believe.

Just as you have a light inside you, so does everyone else. And many people believe that there is an ultimate light, bigger than us all, that is the original source of the light in all of us.

Different people think of original source as God, Love, the Universe, or Magic. And many people aren’t sure what to call it or if they believe in it at all.

That’s okay. Prayer, even if we aren’t sure if we believe in God, is one way to connect with the original source of light. You can read more about this here,

Eight: Express an attitude of willingness.

Sometimes we run into problems in our life that we don’t know how to solve. Or we experience painful emotions that we don’t know how to move past.

In these cases, just being willing can be extremely powerful, even if we aren’t quite sure of the next step to take.

You can read more about the power of willingness here.

Nine: Acknowledge and honor your feelings.

Our feelings are powerful allies that can help point us in the right direction.

We don’t always have to act on what our feelings tell us to do in the moment, but it is important to listen to them. You can read more about feelings here.

I would love to hear below: How do you tend your light? wather-the-beauty


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