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The Forest Otter: A Whimsical Watercolor

Yesterday I went on a beautiful fall hike at a nature sanctuary near my house.

Here is a picture from an overlook there:

Raven Run #6.jpg

At one point, we walked on a bridge over a stream, and a little otter ran out onto the rocks and then hopped into the water and swam downstream. He looked kind of like this.

Before yesterday, I never knew otters could live in the forest. Did you?

I hope you are having a beautiful autumn, Friends, and that you are enjoying the weather. What is something beautiful or delightful you have seen this fall?

You can find more whimsical watercolors under the category by that name on my blog.

5 thoughts on “The Forest Otter: A Whimsical Watercolor”

  1. I LOVE otters! We watched them in a sanctuary a few years ago, and they were just so playful and full of joy. I would love to swim like an otter!

  2. So cute! πŸ™‚ I just love your drawings (and the overlook is amazing). Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I always enjoy all the colors and the crisp autumn nights πŸ™‚ Although I don’t see much fall colors here in LA where I live, my husband and I travel a lot during Fall. We went to Seattle a few years ago during fall and it was gorgeous!

    1. That’s so sweet, M.B. I love painting and drawing so much. It makes me happy when others enjoy my paintings, too. LA must be a lovely place! But I am indeed sorry you don’t get much fall. Love to you, Friend!

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