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“The Frazzled Squirrel”: A Whimsical Watercolor

The more I pay attention to the world around me, the more I find really funny and entertaining things going on all the time.

Take that night a few weeks ago. We had really intense storms with wind and rain so powerful that they were flinging tree branches were flying everywhere, and the thunder and lighting were ominously close.

It was one of those storms that make you feel like the sky or the earth or both are about to split open at any moment.

I was at my sink washing dishes and looking outside the window at the storm. Suddenly, a very frazzled-looking squirrel leaped onto my window ledge, and he peeked inside, longingly it seemed. That poor squirrel had seen better nights.

This picture is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. I felt sorry for him, and he also made me laugh. How has nature made you laugh or entertained you lately?


11 thoughts on ““The Frazzled Squirrel”: A Whimsical Watercolor”

  1. He made me laugh too, in your representation of him. You’ve reminded me of an anole that found his way in to my sweetheart’s study in Mississippi and was in danger of desiccation so we had to catch him to put him outside. He found a good hiding place by the window where he could dash to safety and would appear if I was there typing on the computer, as if the noise of the keys made him think of food. Eventually we caught him. Now if I see one outside I wonder if it is my little buddy.

    1. I love the image your story brought to my mind! That little anole sounds so delightful. I actually was not aware of the name “anole” before today, so thank you. Animals and reptiles are so funny. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. I love it! We have some young squirrels that run along our fence in the back yard and do cute things. They are very entertaining. One day one of them was sprawled out on the fence taking a nap. I’ve never seen that before. Another time an adult squirrel sat on the fence scolding Kibble as she barked at it. I still think you’d be a great writer and illustrator of children’s books!

  3. I am so happy you are experiencing these small wonders. I’m sure it is because you are more in tune with your surroundings. You have started hiking and spend more time outside, Mother Nature is rewarding you and what’s beautiful is that you are aware. Xo

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