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The Perfect Diet: It Brings Results Immediately: And It May Surprise You

I am going to tell you about the perfect diet. It is a very simple diet, and it produces results immediately.

It has two steps:

Step #1: Stop saying negative, mean, and critical things about your body.

Step #2: Shower your body every day, all day, with loving, encouraging, and kind thoughts.

I stumbled upon this diet the other day. I was having one of those days in which I was feeling gross and bad about myself. It got worse as the day went on.

At one point, I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack. And that is when I stopped and said, “Wait a minute. What is going on here?” Once I paused and reflected what was going on in my mind, I suddenly realized that I was saying really mean, critical things to myself.

All day, I had been saying things like “I’m gross, and I hate the way I look.” I realized that these thoughts had gotten more intense throughout the day. As they did so, my anxiety had steadily increased until it was at a boiling point.

Once I realized what I was doing, I stopped immediately and said to myself, “I’m so sorry. No more negative talk.” I began showering myself with love and said things like, “You’re beautiful and perfect, and you are getting healthier all the time. Absolutely, you’ve got this.”

The very best diet

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As I said these encouraging things to myself, I immediately felt myself relax. My anxiety started to dissipate. And I felt peaceful, loved, beautiful. I decided that there was no need to “whip myself into shape”. The only thing I needed to do was to give up my mean, critical thinking and give myself as much loving encouragement as possible.

Our bodies want to be healthy and want to help us. They are on our side and are always communicating to us about how we can be more healthy and peaceful. When we bombard them with cruel, critical thoughts, it is really hard for us to hear what they are trying to say to us. On the other hand, when we shower our body, instead, with loving, encouraging thoughts, we build a strong partnership with our bodies. And it is much easier to solve any problem we need to solve together.

So, this month, if you do nothing else for your health, why not try my perfect diet of giving up cruel and critical thoughts about your body? And instead, try showering yourself with love and encouragement. It is the simplest diet in the world, and it costs you nothing. Plus, you will experience positive results immediately.


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