The Power of Wonder in the Classroom

I am about to begin a new semester, and whenever this time of year rolls around, I think about the purpose of teaching. The longer I teach (and I am starting my 24th year of teaching this year!), the more I believe that my job as a teacher is to kindle dispositions like love and wonder in the classroom. That is what this post, which is an old one, is about. I thought I would post it again.

The Power of Wonder in the Classroom

2 thoughts on “The Power of Wonder in the Classroom”

  1. What a privilege it is that you are a teacher!!! To those students and people who come your way – I believe it to be a tremendous gift to stay curious and in wonderment and awe of this life. Education and wonder coming together is like a perfect marriage – and not often seen kind. I truly wish you the best and the most beautiful with this precious work that you are doing!

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