The Purpose of Love is Stronger

Welcome, Friend! This blog is written by Shelly P. Johnson (me), and it’s for everyone. The goal of Love is Stronger is to help people live from the Inside Out in order to live more resilient lives.

What Inspired this Blog?

Love is Stronger grows out of ideas express so well by bell hooks; Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Paulo Freire:

bell hooks: “I feel our nation’s turning away from love…moving into a wilderness of spirit so intense we may never find our way home again. I write of love to bear witness both to the danger in this movement, and to call for a return to love.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”

Paulo Freire: ” If I do not love the world – if I do not love life – if I do not love men – I cannot enter into dialogue.”

Living from the Inside Out helps us develop a strong sense of love for our self, each other, and the world. Love allows us to communicate, forge creative solutions, and build a more resilient world together.

What is Living from the Inside Out?

When we Live from the Inside Out, we learn to recognize our own intrinsic worth and to connect with the intrinsic worth of others. This enables us to relate to our self and each other in a loving, playful, compassionate, hopeful way.

And this helps us live more resilient lives together. (You can read more about Living from the Inside Out here.)

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Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that get in the way of Living from the Inside Out.

What Kind of Obstacles?

These obstacles may be distorted personal beliefs we have, as well as distorted belief systems we pick up from our culture.

Or they may be painful emotions or experiences that teach us that we, or parts of us like our body, are unworthy or that creating a better world together is impossible.

These obstacles also may be distorted interpersonal and political systems that interfere with our ability to relate in a productive and respectful way with ourselves and one another.

All the posts on Love is Stronger focus on helping us work through these obstacles and on strengthening our power to Live from the Inside Out.

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