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The Squirrel and Pumpkin: A Whimsical Watercolor

The other day I was walking down the street, and I saw a partially-carved pumpkin someone had left by the side of the pavement and a squirrel looking with great excitement into it. He looked a lot like this.


I was so delighted by him that I painted two other squirrel watercolors. These are just inspired by my imagination:



What funny things have you seen squirrels doing?

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10 thoughts on “The Squirrel and Pumpkin: A Whimsical Watercolor”

  1. I’ve seen a squirrel playing in just the same excited way that my cats do – complete with a thoroughly entertaining session of the ‘zoomies’. Squirrels can be great fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am so glad they brought a smile to your face, M.B. I had so much fun drawing and painting them. Squirrels definitely are chatty! The other day I passed by one chattering me in a tree. I had always thought that sound was bird call, but it turns out it is squirrels!

  2. We have a squirrel in our garden who doesn’t have a tail any more. I do wonder that happened to it! We used to have a white (Albino) squirrel. A dark bit of humour for you, now. I noticed a while ago that with roadkill, the identifying feature of the animal is often not squashed. It is like the animal is leaving a flag to identify itself. So a squirrel will be flattened except for its tail. A pheasant will have one wing lifting in the breeze. And once I saw a pair of rabbit ears. Just the ears, standing proud.

    1. Oh my! I have noticed this about squirrel road kill, too, Ali. That albino squirrel sounds lovely. It is also cool that the squirrel in your garden has a distinguishing feature so that you can notice it visiting you all regularly. I have not been able to notice any distinguishing marks on our squirrels yet.

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