Today I Feel Brave: A Poem

I wrote this poem a while ago when I was feeling scared. And the more I wrote, the more I began to feel brave. Perhaps this poem will help you feel brave, too.

“Today I Feel Brave”

Sometimes I feel small,

Today I honor creativity.

We are transcendent.

Sometimes I feel lonely.

Today the Stardust in me honors the Stardust in you.

We are kin.

You and the Universe

Sometimes I feel confused.

Today I rest in the ebb and flow of life.

We are held.

Sometimes I feel deprived.

I accept today’s gifts of beauty and pain.

We are wealthy.

Sometimes I am angered by injustice.

Today I speak and work for liberation.

We are overcomers.

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Sometimes I am scared.

Today I trust I will have what I need for today.

Today I feel brave.


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7 thoughts on “Today I Feel Brave: A Poem”

  1. You may think you need more courage, but really – you have PLENTY! And that ‘en-courages’ others. 🙂

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