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Two Cardinals: A Whimsical Watercolor

I love cardinals.

In the morning this summer, I have been sitting out on my back porch and looking at the trees and listening to the birds sing.

I love watching the animals that visit our yard in the morning. We have had a bunny who regularly visits both our front and back yard, as well as various squirrels and chipmunks and occasionally a groundhog.

Our bunny: He is hanging out in the front yard in this photo.

We also have all sorts of birds in our backyard, including robins, bluejays, and cardinals. The other day, there were two cardinals hanging out on our fence right above our flower garden. They inspired this painting:

I like to imagine they were catching up on all the neighborhoods goings-on.

I hope you are having a lovely August, Friends. What cool things have you seen in your back yard or around your house lately?


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6 thoughts on “Two Cardinals: A Whimsical Watercolor”

  1. Love your painting of the cardinals! Cool things in my garden this week – butterflies! Including one I haven’t seen before, possibly a gatekeeper.

  2. My gardens have been displaying a lot of butterfly action, particularly the large black and yellow swallow-tails. Hummingbirds are on the wing as well. Chipmunks are a challenge as they tunnel through my flower beds, I must say, I struggle to love the little stinkers! ☺️

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