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What I am Grateful for Today, What I have Compassion for Today

I believe in expressing gratitude for things in my life–every day if I can. But I also believe in acknowledging sad and difficult things and showing compassion. Life can be really hard sometimes.

When I focus on things I am grateful for, I better see all of the gifts, beauty, and treasure I have in my life. This almost always strengthens my heart. So today, I am so grateful for my beautiful office at work. My husband painted it for me as a surprise while I was on a trip this summer. It is cozy and peaceful.

Georgetown office.jpg

I also like to be mindful of difficult things and to show myself compassion.  I am feeling a little sick and under the weather right now, and I always feel a bit bummed out when that happens. I am showing myself compassion by sleeping, taking it easy, and asking myself if there is anything I can do to help myself feel healthier. When I show myself compassion, I act like a nurturing friend to myself. This also strengthens my heart and  fills me with peace.

What are you grateful for today? How are you showing yourself compassion?

6 thoughts on “What I am Grateful for Today, What I have Compassion for Today”

  1. Your office looks like a lovely place to be. Today I was grateful for beautiful light. It started out all misty and mysterious this morning and then there were blue skies all day and autumn colours on the trees. Also I am grateful for our second harvest of beetroot!

  2. Your office is beautiful! Gratitude indeed enriches our life. Wish you a wonderful recovery at the soonest! Hope you are able to give yourself plenty of rest and love with utmost ease and joy!

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