When Egg Blows Up in Your Face: I Mean Literally

I would like to share with you a pretty typical day in the life of Shelly Johnson.

This morning I have relearned a very important lesson. Let’s say that over the weekend, you boil some eggs to take for easy breakfasts in the following week. That’s cool because eggs are awesome.

Let’s also say that on a Thursday morning, you bring some of these boiled eggs to work to reheat for breakfast. That’s cool, too–you’re starting off your day with some good, solid protein.

K, but please remember that before you reheat your boiled eggs, you definitely need to slice them up or mash them.

Let me remind you why. Because whole boiled eggs will trap steam and heat when you microwave them. And if you slice into whole boiled eggs with trapped heat and steam, they will blow up in your face and all over your desk. Maybe even on the ceiling of your office. That is definitely uncool.

Learn from me, People.

Egg Blowing Up in Your Face


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6 thoughts on “When Egg Blows Up in Your Face: I Mean Literally”

  1. LOL oh no!! In a funny twist, I was frying eggs this morning and one got a big air bubble in it and almost blew up in my face!! I was able to deflate it in the nick of time, but we must be on the same wave length!

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