16 thoughts on “Why We Have Problems Believing We are Enough”

  1. It is a pleasure to read from you again dear Shelly 🙂 I shake my head in agreement with every thought you present with such care. I loved the accompanying pictures that you painted.

    1. That’s so kind, P! I am looking forward to reading your blog posts soon, too. Thank you so much for enjoying my posts and pictures. I really had fun writing this one and drawing and painting for it.

  2. I have missed you, Shelly! I hope you have had fun/enjoyed a break from blogging. I will carry out the exercise around messages about worth. There is so much in this post to revisit regularly. I have just applied for a job which is quite a step up, which excites me, but I don’t want to fall into perfectionist ways, so this is timely.

    1. I have missed you, too, Ali! I am excited to read your posts again soon. I had a really peaceful February, but I missed blogging and you all. I am so glad you found these messages helpful. To be honest, I write posts like this to remind myself, as well as everyone else. Congrats on your new job! I am so happy for you. I would love to know more about it, but don’t feel like you have to share, especially on this public space.

  3. What a wonderful post Shelly, thank you so much for all you’ve put into this – I’ve just read it for the first time but there’s so much rich timely life-affirming wisdom for me here that it’ll have many re-reads! So helpful in my journey to believe that I am…

    1. Vera, I am so pleased that you enjoyed this post and that you find it helpful! My goal it to provide a post that both contain good reflection and often activities or affirmations for making these ideas a regular part of life. And to be honest, I often write these posts as much for me as for anyone else. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment,

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