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Why You are More Powerful Than You Think

I have been thinking a lot about how it is easy to feel powerless in the world in the face of so many bad things. I have also been thinking about how we are more powerful than we think, and so I wrote a book about it.










If you would like to read more ideas about this issue, some folks at FindingSteadyGround have put together an incredibly helpful list of tools we can use to empower ourselves in these difficult times.


7 thoughts on “Why You are More Powerful Than You Think”

  1. I LOVE this blog! I planned to share it in my Facebook group, but it is being blocked as going “against Community Standards”. I put a few of your pages up for review, but boy…someone is out to get you.

    KEEP SHINING YOUR LOVE!! So many need it!

    1. Lisa, what an amazing note. Thank you! Yes, I know FB is blocking me right now. Good grief! It frustrates me and makes me laugh, too. I am working on fixing it right now. I am currently turning all my FB posts into note form on my own FB page, and I am making them public there. You can share those notes. I have one coming later today. Here is my FB page. So glad to meet you.


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