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*I am currently booked for the next four months (3/18/2024). 

Hi, I am Shelly P. Johnson, and I work with individuals and groups through my philosophical consulting practice, Inside Out Consulting.

Philosophical consulting uses philosophical systems, belief analysis, metaphors, and habit cultivation to help people work through personal issues and perplexities.

I specifically help people (teens through adults) do the following:

  • Cultivate mindsets such as Worthiness, Capability, Connection, and Purpose that encourage confidence, joy, and resilience.

  • Develop critical thinking skills and their moral code.

  • Build Basic Body Confidence and Body Partnership.

  • Connect with their Wise Self to help heal their Wounded Self. (You can read more about this here: Our Wise and Wounded Self and Why It Matters),

  • Develop positive relationships with friends, partners, co-workers, and people in their community.

  • Explore questions pertaining to life meaning and philosophy; value; human nature and reality; and social relationships.

I am also available to speak to groups (in person or on Zoom) about these issues.

Academic Coaching: In addition, I do academic coaching with high school and college students to help them solve academic problems pertaining to college transition, organization, confidence, self-care, and reading, writing, and study skills.

Note: I do not deal with specific mental health problems like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, and other issues specific to mental health professions. But I am happy to connect folks to mental health professionals.

Consulting Fees: I charge $100/hour for individuals. Group fees are based on the type of speaking engagement.

The initial (first) consultation is free.


I started working with Shelly after stumbling upon her blog and finding her writing insightful and actionable specifically in relation to some of my struggles . . . She quickly helped me see my struggle more clearly and helped me chart a path through it and forward. It’s not an exaggeration to say she changed my life. I’d say she works magic, and I’m so grateful I found her.”

      ~Casie S., Sr. Technical Program Manager

“Shelly has a rare ability to press into places of growth while maintaining a tenderness and playfulness that makes the process not only unintimidating, but full of invitation into goodness.

Her unshakable generosity of spirit means there’s a place at the table for everyone, no matter what they’re struggling with. I can’t imagine a better person to sort through life queries and wonderings with.”

~AnneMarie Jacob, Spiritual Director

“Shelly is both an accomplished philosopher and compassionate friend. Among her many virtues is her ability to speak to complex notions from the history of philosophy in accessible and insightful ways, showing the relevance and applicability of these ideas.

Rare are those who are qualified to speak to these difficult theories, let alone bring them to bear on real-life problems and issues. And she recognizes and lives in accord with philosophy as a way of life, not merely the object of professional work to be discarded at the end of the work day.

She is also kind, loyal, patient, friendly, and possessed of an exceptionally strong moral compass . . . These qualities prepare Shelly to provide exceptional consultation.

~Colin Smith, Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University

“I love the way Shelly looks at things. It has helped me so much to talk to her about various problems. She is good at bringing in new ideas and ways of thinking that help me to feel more hopeful and to try something that I didn’t think I could try.”

~Marianne Hamilton, Homemaker and Curious Human Being

Even though Shelly excels in teaching and research, the mode of philosophy that Shelly embodies most fully is that of friendship, especially philosophical friendship: the shared pursuit of hard truths through gentle encouragement.”

~Drew Van’t Land, PhD. Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Community College of Allegheny County–Pittsburgh, PA.

“Shelly Johnson is one of the most clear communicators I’ve had the privilege of knowing. She takes deep and meaningful concepts and breaks them down into the simplest of steps so that anyone can understand and follow her example.

Shelly has an uncanny ability to connect people to resources, books and other people; because of her I found a personal trainer, a favorite book and a writing course!

She presents her ideas and suggestions in the most civil, kind and non-judgmental way so even the most resistant can hear her message.”

~Kirsten Jackson, Educator


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