“Writer”: A Poem

For all my writer friends or folks who want to start writing. You’ve got this.








12 thoughts on ““Writer”: A Poem”

  1. I love this idea! My dens have always been more obvious: sofa or bed, but surrounded by a little stack of books and a cup of tea. Everyone seems to be rethinking their space in our house, though. We have all had a good clean and clear out, and are rearranging what we treasure. Maybe because the seasons are changing and we are looking forward to time spent indoors.

  2. I love the poem, thanks very much for the encouragement! Sometimes it sure is hard to kick all those negative voices out! A grown-up fort might help, I should really give that a try because it looks like a blast

  3. Awe I love this. What a great idea and I always loved my childhood forts. Definitely a must do and I wish I saw this earlier. Next day at home I will so do it. Thank you dear friend. Xo

  4. This brings back memories of the countless blanket forts my kids used to build. Why haven’t I ever thought of escaping from the world under coziness with a flashlight and book. Not a bad idea at all.

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