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You are Not Your Anxiety

Dear Friend, if you struggle with anxiety, you might feel engulfed by your anxiety.

It is important to remember at these times that you are not the same thing as your anxiety.

Anxiety is often a response to exaggerated and extreme thoughts we have. Or it can be a response to an event that triggers us because it reminds us of something painful from our past.

Please know that in these times, it is possible to step back from your anxiety and realize, “I am not my anxiety.”

Anxiety can often be like a series of waves that hits us. It is possible for us to recognize these waves for what they are, to surf them, and to know that eventually we will return to shore.

Here are some ways to surf the waves of our anxiety:

1. Recognize that you are having a lot of anxiety.
2. Slow down and let go of anything you don’t absolutely need to do that day.
3. Take a warm bath or lie under warm covers.
4. Watch shows that make you laugh.
5. Text friends who know you struggle with anxiety and are sympathetic.
6. Take time to breathe.
7. Do art.
8. Take a rain check from worrying about a problem you don’t have to solve for that day.
9. Take things one step at a time.
10. Take a nap.

What are some ways you deal with anxiety and anxiety attacks?

Peace to you.

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2 thoughts on “You are Not Your Anxiety”

  1. Oh boy I know that look in the photo! Poor thing. I hope you’re feeling better. I cope by separating the anxiety as a symptom instead of something real. Once I remind myself that it’s just a symptom that somehow helps lol. I also read this great book a few years back called “When Panic Attacks” by Dr. David Burns. It had a lot of great tips in there for getting to the root of my anxiety. Be well!

    1. Thank you so much, M.B. I am doing better! I am sorry you suffer with this, too, sometime. I really like your advice of treating anxiety as a symptom, rather than something that is real. That’s really helpful to me, too. That book sounds really good! I will check it out.

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