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You Don’t Have to Figure It All Out Now

This morning was one of those mornings in which I worked myself into an anxious stew because I was thinking about everything I had to do and worrying about how I would get it all done.

And then I stopped and thought to myself, “Why do I think I have to have everything figured out now?”

This is a problem I have a lot. I wonder if you do, too. I often feel like I have to know in advance how everything in my life is going to work out, whether it is my life five hours from now, five days from now, or five years from now.

I don’t know how I came to believe that I have to have everything figured out, but it is completely unhelpful. Our minds and spirits were not made to know in advance how everything is going to work out.

It is okay to let go and trust and know that something Loving, Wise, and Larger than us is working things out on our behalf.

And if that is very hard for you to believe (and it is okay if it is), please know that you are much wiser than you realize, and your Wise Self is always working things out, figuring out creative solutions, and forging new paths, even when you don’t realize it.

Today was a bit of a hard day, but I did let go and trust. And I also took a nap. And I am slowly gaining perspective.

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